Our introduction to van life

We’ve always been outdoorsy people. Growing up in BC’s fraser valley, nature was our backyard. 

As kids, we could be found biking, hiking, and camping. Summers we’d be outside from morning till dusk, exploring unchartered territory. 

As we grew into adults, we never really lost our sense of adventure and curiosity. We did the responsible adult thing and bought a house, maintained a car and went on the occasional trip. We eventually moved to the city for work and rented out our house. But something felt missing.

Somewhere along the line, we learned about van life. About people kicking off the constraints of the daily grind, and seeking out adventure on 4 wheels. Nurtured by collaborative daydreaming and wistful Craigslist sessions, the desire to own a camper van grew. Danny even made his desktop wallpaper a blue Westfalia on the beach. Would fate intervene? 

Eventually, we simply said “why not?”, and decided to go for it. We put our house up for sale and shortly after we sold it, we bought Melvan, our ‘82 air cooled westy in the Spring of 2015–an exact replica of the van on the beach. Right now Melv is a weekend warrior, and while he doesn’t know it yet, we’ve got big plans for our big blue bus. 

We always knew that owning a van would be awesome, but we didn’t realize it would be this awesome!

We started to realize that there's this huge van community as excited about your ride as they are about theirs. This community has been so generous with their time too; from helping us find rare parts to diagnosing problems while stuck in the middle of nowhere at 12am. 

Boondoggle is born

While we’re explorers at heart, we’re also creatives. We love art, music, photography and new ideas. Alicia had her own candle business, sells digital art prints, and is both a copywriter and graphic designer by trade. Danny’s an entrepreneur, web designer, digital marketer, and is the founder of an eCommerce software company. 

And we’ve always been sock connoisseurs, so of course we went hunting for a pair with vans on them. When our search came up empty we thought "why not just design our own." What we found out however, was that most manufacturers want you to make hundreds. We like socks, but maybe not that much. So we reached out to the community and it became apparent rather quickly that many other van owners wanted a pair too. And voila, Boondoggle Goods was born!

While we started with Socks, we’ve heard from the community they’d like to see other products as well. So that’s what we’re doing. We're so stoked to be working on this project, and are excited to see where it takes us.

We hope everyone loves the products we make as much as we enjoy making them.

Safe travels, friends. 

- Danny, Alicia and Melvan.