Weekend Adventure to Osoyoos, the Canadian Desert

Published March 22, 2018

Yes, there’s a Canadian desert. At least, as close to a desert as you’ll get in Canada. No, this is not a metaphor for igloos or an optical illusion. It really exists; Cacti and all.

Head about 4 hours east of Vancouver and you’ll hit the desert oasis of Osoyoos. The sleepy retirement community becomes a bustling town of city-folk looking to escape the concrete jungle for a few days (or weeks) during the summer months. When you finally arrive, fruit trees, vineyards, and a glistening lake await you–it’s beautiful.

I’d visited Osoyoos a few years back, but Danny had never been. He’d always wanted to go and while we were unsure of how Melvan would do during the summer heat and steep Coquihalla hills, we went anyway (although praying the entire way we would not land up stranded on the Coq). Fortunately we only needed to stop a few times to let our Vanagon cool down–which also happened to be the perfect opportunity to take golden hour photos.

We arrived in Osoyoos pretty late and ended up sleeping in a trucker spot above the city. The next day we headed down to the campsite which was full. But, it turned out that there was overflow campsites which campers could stay at for a few nights when the campsite wasn't available. It actually ended up being a blessing because the overflow camping was perfect: quiet, right by the lake, and exactly what we wanted. We will most likely go back this year because it was so great.

P.S We've got new dope van socks and other products coming down the pipeline in the next couple of months.




Alicia H

Alicia is the co-founder of Boondoggle Goods.